My Mission

Life can be challenging. We have all been through experiences that can overpower our paths, derail us and make us want to give up. In the past 12 years I have experienced plethora of events that left me hiding in the shadows as life continued to pass me by.

My mission is to INFORM, MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, CREATE, and CURATE a healthy lifestyle that will rekindle the human spirit, achievable by all.

I am aiming to create world-class free content that will help people become the best version of themselves. I am seeking to sooth, comfort, empower and help us all find the answers we are seeking to rebuild ourselves stronger, better as we begin a new path or continue onward.


About Setorii

Pond has creatively produced content with some of the world’s most prestigious brands. While simultaneously working in publishing, Pond has worked with top tier talents such as Lady Gaga, The Kardashian's, Sophia Bush, Jaime Pressly and others including corporate, brands, and industry projects. She has directed and styled over 300 hotels and restaurants in 36 countries and countless fashion brands. Her clients have included the Aman Resorts, Waldorf Astoria Properties, Qatar Airways, Cadillac, Lamborghini, Hennessy as well as many others. Setorii has been published in Vanity Fair Magazine, Forbes, Motor Trend Magazine, Haute Living, Motor Trend Classic, Robb Report, and more.  

Pond has worked with magazines, celebrities, beauty experts, creatives, start-ups, moguls, wellness brands, and everything in between.


I decided to re-launch my site and tailor the content because I felt that there are so many people that have lived through traumatic experiences, dealing with pain, trying to heal and looking to rediscover theirself and their paths just as I was. I wanted to bring all the experts together onto one platform to help answer the questions, educate us all and help us collectively find our way and help to ignite our inner flame again. I believe healing can come from from taking the time to focus on one’s mind, body and soul. I found myself looking for answers beyond traditional medicines. I wanted to heal myself after all I have personally lived through, one step at a time and from the bottom up. I searched endlessly all over the web and the amount of time I spent trying to find answered filled my brain with a lot of noise and unaccounted for time. I believe we all deserve a place to voice our feelings, feed ourselves with the information that can truly make a difference in our paths and rebuild our cells one cell at a time. This website is a curated experience and here to help us all heal. Together I believe we can create mindful paths, build a healthier us and take the time to breath more and learn to enjoy the moments. I found myself seeking questions themed with fashion, wellness, lifestyle, interviews and this site has become a reawakening and a curation of content for us all.