Dress For Success With These 5 Styling Tips For Your Next Suit

Finding the suit to wear can be complicated — especially if you haven’t updated your closet in a while. So my years of experience in the fashion industry styling celerities, models and moguls have helped me compile a list for you to give you pointers on what to look for in a suit.

It’s essential that the suit you choose fits your body type properly. Give yourself plenty of time to find the fit perfect and tailoring your suit is key to ensuring you have a suit that hugs your body in all the right areas.

1. pat attention to Your Sleeve Lengths

No matter what style or material you’re looking for, your sleeves should always hit at the same place: on your wrist bone with your shirt cuff peeking out.

2. Cuff Your Pants

Your pants should hit right where the pant leg meets the shoe. For you aspiring suiting aficionados, it's called a zero break (hitting above the shoe is a flood break, and fabric piling atop the shoe is a full break.

3. Tailoring and a Slim Silhouette

Aside from getting your suit tailored and ensuring the fit is correct for you, modernize it with a closer cut. A super slim fit instantly feels modern and highlights all the time in the gym you have been putting in while also hiding if you haven't made it into the gym. A silhouette that fits semi close to the body is one way to show off a modern yet classic vibe. For men looking to take a risk, a double-breasted suit will definitely make women's heads turn — just make suit the fit compliments your body frame and is perfectly tailored.

4. Pay Attention to your nails

The first thing many people notice when they noticed a man in a suit is his nails when they go to shake your hand. A manicured hand is always well received and impressive to everyone. This does not mean you will polish your nails but keep them clean or buffed to give you a little extra swag. — Whether it’s an all-business look or a more formal, attention-grabbing event you are attending, make sure to take 30 minutes at your local nail shop to relax and enjoy the break. 

5. Nail your Accessories

How you choose to accessorize will give you the perfect finish to your outfit. Accessorizing with a suit should be done with careful selection and care. If you choose to add pops of color or interject your own personality it should be introduced tastefully. Have fun with your shoes, pocket squares and keep belts simple without flashy hardware.

Give your look a focal point with a secondary color from your shirt or tie can be the primary color for your pocket square. Select great cuff links that show your personality: cars, guns, logos, monogram, gems can all give your suit that extra pizzaz. Remember the quality of your suit and fit are key — so choose premium materials and find a tailor who gets your style goals.