5 Steps to Creating an Instagram Profile That People Can't Help But Follow.

You know social media can do everything from positioning you as a thought leader, ambassador, expert, building your brand to getting your dream job. That being said, your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles are probably aces.

But what about your Instagram? It was one thing to have an account that was all quotes and selfies a couple of years ago, but nowadays it’s so much more than what you ate for breakfast.

Think about what you try to do when building a connection with a networking contact—or, yes, even a hiring someone: You share who you are and what interests you. Well, Instagram can help you do just that. Check out the infographic below from Digital Information World for easy and effective ways to revamp your brand without losing your voice or personality. Yes, this is for companies and brands, but these lessons apply to you, too.

1. Optimize your profile

Make sure to explain your business in the bio section and choose an eye-catching profile photo. When it comes to selecting your profile name aim to choose a name as close to your brand as possible. If your name is taken, don't worry, you can add words in front of your name. A few examples are "IAM____", "WEARE____", "MYNAMEIS____", "OFFICIAL____" and of course you can have fun with it by adding your personality into it with, "______MADEMEDOIT", WHERES_____". 

2. Create a schedule

With over hundreds of millions of users logging into the Instagram site each day there are so many posts filled with content posted every moment so be sure to not flood your account with too many posts at the same time. It is important to space things out with a vague to a tailored idea of what your message will be for that day or week. This will ensure your viewers will know what they can expect from your feed and posts and look forward to tuning in on the days you post. Some may come for tips, other may come for the visuals but either way, having a message helps create repeat viewership.  

3. Develop a consistent message and style

There is something appealing about looking at a page that flows in visual tonality. In order to do this use similar settings when you edit your photos to help your audience know what to expect. Choosing your color pallet is key so be sure to pick one that resonates with you and your brand message. Having quality photographs on your blog and Instagram are imperative! I cannot say this enough. If you think any image will do then you do not realize the competition in the market and I implore you to hire a professional photographer or learn to use the editing tools on photoshop or one of many apps you can download to help your images look spot on. 

4. Vary Your Images Used

Depending on your brand or page you can give your viewers insight into your professional and personal world. People have a voyeuristic perspective and like to get to know the personality behind the brand. This helps them connect with you better and create more engagement. Your images can tell a story and make sure to include some fun behind the scenes photos in your stories. Everyone likes to smile and laugh at least once in a while.  ;)