How to Create a Great Instagram Feed

Instagram has 900 million active monthly users. That’s a lot of people to potentially reach with your brand. But how do you catch their eye when you’re among so many different brands vying for their attention? It can definitely be tricky, but if you follow these tips you’ll definitely be on the right track.

To have a quality Instagram profile with followers who genuinely engage with your content, the growth is slow. Making quality connections on Instagram is a long game. My advice to you is to avoid things like “get likes and followers fast”, because chances are those likes and followers aren’t going to be people who are ready to engage with you and your content frequently if at all past the purchased request.

So be patient, and follow these tips, and you will be connecting and converting ideal clients in no time.

Get your style down.

If you’re reading this, you should already know a little bit about what your brand looks like visually. Take a look at these three Instagram pages.

The first, is Destiny Lalane. Destiny is a social media influencer. Her Instagram style is artfully paired photos that go well together. This is a hard aesthetic to achieve if you’re not a professional photographer, or really good with your iPhone, but it really stands out if done well.

The second, is the Abigail White Co. Instagram page. On my page, I don’t particularly use my brand’s color palette on Instagram. I use Instagram to showcase my portfolio to potential customers. However, I post similar colors together, so the feed has a cohesive flow.

The last page is DTAMU Creative. This page uses a color palette and a pattern to give their feed a branded feel. Every other post has the same colored background, creating a pattern with the images. This style is great if you tend to post images with text on them. Just make sure all your text images look the same to achieve this style well.

To create branded images with text on them, use the free website Canva.

Use Targeted Hashtags.

Notice that I said targeted, not “most popular.” The most popular hashtags aren’t going to get you the quality followers and engagement that you desire.

Try to stick to hashtags with fewer posts in them. This way, you’re not getting lost in a flood of other people’s posts. It’s a way to stand out more in your niche and be recognized in Instagram’s “Featured Posts” section on certain hashtags. This puts you in front of more potential clients.
Example: Instead of #fitness which has 227 million posts. Try #trainlikeanangel which only has 84,000. This way, you are more likely to stand out and reach your desired network.

Follow people’s followers.

Yeah, sounds a little wonky. But let me explain. If there’s someone who has the same vibe/niche/service as you who has thousands or even millions of followers, why reinvent the wheel?

Head to their profile and tap their follower count to see who follows them. Not everyone is going to be a good match for you, but browse around and look for some people you’d like to work with or may be ideal clients for you. Give them a follow. I’ll tell you what to do with them next.

Don’t just comment, engage. And engage. And engage again.

If you are looking to really make solid connections on Instagram, you’re going to want to engage with your ideal client. It’s important that you don’t just drop them a “like” or a simple comment like “nice!” or “cool!”

Take the extra time to read their posts, find some kind of mutual connection, make a thoughtful comment. Trust me, this kind of genuine engagement is going to do wonders for the growth of your brand. Like I said at the beginning, it’s going to be a long game and it’s going to take you a bit to grow.

Be patient, stick with it. If you put in the time and work, it will pay off.