Instagram Tips To Help You Get More Followers.

  • Consistency is good, but quality is better: You will get better engagement if you take the time to create a better photo to post. Sometimes that might mean having a couple days between posts, but when you finally do post, the results are worth it.

  • Stories are your strength: They keep you active even if you have a couple days where you haven’t shared a post, and they allow you to share that personality of yours and connect more deeply with your following.

  • Stay genuine to your voice and show your real self: It’s OK to share what you’re feeling in post captions.

  • Make use of the tools Instagram gives us for engagement: Polls, linking, tagging, location and the other Instagram tools definitely help people engage more and can also bring more exposure.

  • Go Live: Live stories help boost your posts because they are a top priority for the algorithm.

  • Update hashtags selectively but frequently: It’s important to get the most out of these numbers and make sure you use hashtags on Instagram Stories since people can search stories.

  • Write kind, heartfelt and thoughtful captions: People like to connect and be inspired.

  • Create more videos: One of the things that boosts the algorithm is how much time people spend interacting with your page, and usually, people spend more time watching a video than a photo.